Marriage and divorce

I was watching a documentary of one of these hollywood stars whose name i am not going to mention for obvious reasons and what caught my attention was the number of men she either was married  or engaged to. Those people are setting trends in general people's lives and it disheartens me to note that my little brothers and sisters have someone as that as a role model. We wonder why there is a lot of divorces in marriages but why not if the people who are being used as models are married four or five times. seriously are they the kind of people we can look up to.
What good has come out of hollywood in terms of shaping family life. How many hollywood stars have been in a single marriage and never divorced. How many hollywood stars have upheld the 'til death' vow. The movies these guys make set the tone for the lives people lead out there. We need to seriously look at how we view these people with regards to marriage and divorce.


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