An Acient Greek Legend on jealoousy

An Acient Greek Legend

There's an ancient Greek legend that sets the stage in which we confrontand learn to tackle the joy-stealer of jealousy. It seems a young Greekathlete ran in a race and placed second. In honor of the winner, thevillage placed a large statue of the athlete in the town square.As you might imagine the second place runner was attacked by envy andjealousy. He struggled with those joy-stealers to the point where hemade plans to destroy the statue. Every night, just after dark, he wentout and chipped away at the foundation of the statue, expecting it tofall on its own someday. One night, however, he chipped too much. Thestatue's weakened base suddenly cracked and fell on top of him. He diedunder the crushing weight of the person he had come to despise.But the truth is, he died a long time before the statue fell on him. Inreality he cased to live when envy and jealousy began to govern hislife. He became a slave to the joy-stealer of jealousy.


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