Getting used

Dont get used to negative things in your life. The attitude and mentality of someone with total control and domination of their life is not to accept anything. You should have the willingness to question occurances in your life. at times God allows certain situations to plague our lives so that we learn from them but if we get used to them and accept them as part of us then we will never learn from them.

Poor judgement and decisionmaking lead to negative consequances. If you just adapt to the negatives that come from the bad decisions you made, you wont appreciate the poor decisions you made and you will never learn to make the right decisions in future.

You have to develop a sense where you just have to question every thing that happens in your life. That way th devil won't sneak into your life without you unawawre. If  the devil gets access to you camp, he will cause severe damage to you and everything around you



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