Never Appear Desperate

Desperation is a weakeness. It opens you up to unnecessary mistakes.  In your interactions never appear desperate.  If you get desperate though you should not, don't show it. Appearing desperate opens you up to manipulation.  Humans are by nature selfish and will take advantage of any situation that will enhance their status.  A desperate person will do anything for anyone so in appearing desperate you'll just be inviting vultures who prey on the desperate. Potray a facade of bravery,  'I don't care' attitude. Don't give in to your inner weakness.  Punch that feeling of desperation into submission and you will develop laser like focus that will lift you up out of that situation that bred the desperation in the first place. Be strong, show you're strong and NEVER APPEAR DESPERATE.

Cast all your anxiety on him

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7 Come unto me, all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28 All ye that labor and are heavy laden - may refer to a man who has a great load laid upon him or self infflicted: but must be carried. When we come to God as a Father, we must remember that he is Lord of heaven and earth, which obliges us to come to him with reverence as to the sovereign Lord of all; yet with confidence, as one able to defend us from evil, and to supply us with all good. Our walk here on earth is hard and we are burdened by divers trials and temptations, how consoling it is to know that Christ will give us rest. I am glad my Jesus knows. Hebrews 2:17 For this reason he had to be made like them, fully human in every way, in order that he might become a merciful and faithful high priest in service to God, and that he might make atonement for the sins of the people. 18 Because he himself suffered when he was t…

Spring Forever in my Heart

Some people are like fragrant flowers. They come into our lives ever so briefly and leave behind a scent that remains embedded in our being. They brighten your day by just having had contact with them even if for a moment. If kindness would have scent it would remind you of them. Like when I smell pine, all the best Christmas memories rush through my mind. When I smell roses I think of romantic, moon filled evenings. Some people, having given so much to you, remain a part of who you are forever. You cannot possibly go through a day without thinking about them. Their beautiful spirit gently nudges your heart each time you hear their name. The very thought of them stirs within your soul like the sweet fragrance of a thousand roses. Loved ones who have passed on, having given their lives to you, having stayed in bloom through a life time of eternal Spring, are like these Lilacs. Although my heart is saddened having discovered that they are dying, I will not remember them that w…
God wont impose His will on you He wont do anything for you until you believe. Moses' serpent was a representation. Pple rarely believe unless there is something they can put their hand on for a represantation. Case in point -pool of Bethseda. Not believing something doesnt mek it wrong.hand on for a represantation. Case in point -pool of Bethseda. Not believing something doesnt mek it wrong. Peter did not catch anything so that when Christ instructs him to thrust to the deep he might be the right witness not base his faith on hearsay but on 1st hand experience. Peter learnt that day that if he takes Jesus at His word he will receive his desire. Though he had fished the whole night and caught nothing, maybe because therewas no fish there, Christ was more than able to create the fish. He will provide for all those that come to Him in His provided way. At His Word dead people, situations come to life i.e Lazarus & Jairus' daughter. If pple had objected to roll the stone on L…


Heb 11:1-3 We live by faith. Without knowing it we exercise faith. We declare, tomorrow I'll do such and such but who would have told us that we'll see tomorrow. Faith is a gift in itself. (Gal 5:22) We all hev a measure of it but God giveth to some a greater measure than others. A sinner might have more faith for a miracle than a real genuine christian. That is what a gift means for gifts of God are of no repentance. Faith is more than feeling, sight & all other senses. Faith is as real as sight. Faith is real not an emotion that you can crank up. If you dont have it you dont have. Just as if you dont see you dont. There is just nothing you can do about it. As positive as you are of what you see so is how positive you are about what you believe, that is faith. What you see, feel or see doesn't have anything to do about it.


By Taffy Bete
Imagine a child running with her friends who falls over her shoelaces, quickly jumps up and starts running again without tying the lace. How far can this child go before tripping over the lace again? Until that shoelace is tied, that child will keep falling with each fall, making her dirty and draining a bit of her enthusiasm.
We all have moments when we find ourselves knocked down on our knees, haunted by self doubt, painful memories and past failures. Emotions and thoughts that dare us to just give up, stop dreaming big and just settle for the ordinary. A number of greatness thoughts tell us to rise and run again but a recent incident had me wondering what if when we found ourselves in the basement we sit for a bit, tie our shoelaces then rise again.
A powerful strong woman I know was once asked how she made it through all the hard times she had been through and she said ''I have learnt I will find myself in the basement several times along the way. I have embrace…

Marriage and divorce

I was watching a documentary of one of these hollywood stars whose name i am not going to mention for obvious reasons and what caught my attention was the number of men she either was married  or engaged to. Those people are setting trends in general people's lives and it disheartens me to note that my little brothers and sisters have someone as that as a role model. We wonder why there is a lot of divorces in marriages but why not if the people who are being used as models are married four or five times. seriously are they the kind of people we can look up to.
What good has come out of hollywood in terms of shaping family life. How many hollywood stars have been in a single marriage and never divorced. How many hollywood stars have upheld the 'til death' vow. The movies these guys make set the tone for the lives people lead out there. We need to seriously look at how we view these people with regards to marriage and divorce.